Residential Base Pricing starts at $87.00.

To see what is included in your base price, please click on this residential link.

Services not included in the base price are itemized at an additional cost in the list below. 

Pennsylvania clients please add 6% State Sales Tax.

Additional Services require advance notification of 5 business days.   


Refrigerator Interior  -  25.00
Oven Interior  -  25.00
Stove Hood Interior  -  15.00
Windows - only after March 21st - priced per job
Horizontal Blinds  -  priced per job
Vertical Blinds  -  5.00 per set and up
Bedsheets Removed  -  5.00 per boxspring
Bedsheets Put On  -  5.00 per boxspring
Floor Waxed  -  priced per job
Lighting Fixtures  -  12.00 and up
Seasonally Cleaned Rooms  -  priced per job 

If you do not see what you need...     
                                              ...please ask!